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IoT Compatibility

IoT Compatibility
Manage, monitor, automate & control your environment.

The Internet of Things (IoT), enables everyday objects to become ‘intelligent’ through sensors, microprocessors, and machine-to-machine communication.
Lighting infrastructures in cities, buildings and more are moving toward this technology, and in true TemitroniK form, we’re making it accessible to everyone by manufacturing our boards with commercial IoT compatibility.

What is Industrial Smart Lighting Technology?

Smart lighting is a lighting technology designed for energy efficiency. This may include high efficiency fixtures and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability. Lighting is the deliberate application of light to achieve some aesthetic or practical effect.

IoT Smart Lighting Helps Manage Energy Consumption

IoT controls keep precise track of consumed, saved and billed energy down to the second. You’re in control, and have built-in automated savings in time and money!

Maximize your energy savings, minimize your impact.

IoT Enables Automation and Environment Control

This technology enables truly dynamic environments. Build, automate, control, monitor and manage any environment; save energy and money while improving comfort.

Dynamic environments respond at the tap of a finger, adapting to your needs.

Learn more about our commercial IoT compatibility, and how we can make it a reality for you!