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IoT Controls

IoT Controls
Manage, monitor, automate & control your environment.

TemitroniK has partnered with iLED Solutions and all LED Boards are compatible with the iLED IoT and Andromeda platform.  

iLED offers a complete IoT Stack solution: Including hardware, software and a complete ecosystem to build dynamic environments that save power and improve quality of life.  The Andromeda platform leverages state-of-the-art Cloud software and hardware enabling control, monitoring, automation, and remote sensing of all your devices.

  • Manage Streetlights with the click of a Mouse
  • Control buildings using a smartphone
  • Build it into your own branded devices for custom, smart solutions

Smart Cities: Building Connected Cities with Andromeda

Manage your IoT Device Fleet

From one to thousands of IoT devices, Andromeda helps you manage, control, monitor and automate all devices.

Smart, secure and flexible – Andromeda can manage Smart LED fixtures, smart energy meters, environmental sensor kits and surveillance systems.

Manage your Energy Consumption

Andromeda lets you keep precise track of consumed, saved and billed energy down to the second. Keep track of your energy usage during each second of the day.

Maximize your energy savings, minimize your impact. Only with Andromeda.

Manage your Energy Savings Projects

Andromeda helps you create, plan, simulate and optimize energy savings projects. Choose from a database of existing databases and run energy and financial simulations at the click of a mouse.

Focus on your business – Andromeda performs the math seamlessly.

Automate and Control Environment(s)

Andromeda enables truly dynamic environments. Build, automate, control, monitor and manage any environment; save energy and money while improving comfort.

Dynamic environments respond at the tap of a finger, adapting to your needs.

The Best IoT Energy Suite Value

Feature-packed, simple, secure and reliable, at an unbelievable price

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